Fashionable Childrens Clothes Range of children's clothing stores in their parents eyes diverge, however, amid this diversity must not become confused and be able to select high-quality and fashionable clothes. And for this necessary to examine the main trends in fashion for children this season. First and foremost, we always pay attention to the fact of a fabric sewn children's clothes. Fortunately in this year's fashionable natural fabrics - Cato (cotton), corduroy staining for only Children friendly dyes. Remember that soft tissue can well protect the delicate skin of the child from scratching, irritation, prickly heat. A lot of matter which style is clothing, because it has a direct impact fashion. In feel good, even if he will sit on his haunches. Now resembles the adult children's clothing, but for the trendy baby clothes are characterized by bizarre elements. This year, the rage for boys are pants with lots of functional pockets, jeans with a worn and shabby appearance, decorated with stickers and shirts T-shirts, sweatshirts. Fashionistas girls this year are expected to dress in tunics, elongated beacons, leggings, skirts, sundresses, jeans decorated with rhinestones and embroidery. For little kids, you can choose a variety of costumes, decorated with non-standard elements of decor. All parents want their child felt comfortable in any environment, so designers are careful when designing your home and sports clothing for children. Girls will be relevant elongated hooded sweatshirts, embroidered applique pour. They are ideal for jeans and leggings to. This year there is a certain fashionable colors. However, boys will approach things in khaki, orange, red, and for girls - a beige, olive, pink, korinevom. For kids in
Fish Delicacies large ershi jam. Large ruffs clean, gut, put on the grill fish boiler, pour in broth, add the onion, carrots, peppers, white roots, bay leaf and cook. With boiled ruffs carefully clean off the skin, pour them hot broth, put on a dish, on top of each ruff put slices of lemon without the peel and seeds and watered all the little strained broth with the addition of finely shred roots, which are cooked together with ershami. Ershi 2-3 pc., Lemon 1 pc., Boiled potatoes 100, the oil 5. karasyov boiled in sour cream. Carp clean, gut, sprinkle with salt and leave to chill for about 1 h. They were then put into the pot, add onions, carrots, spices, pour broth and cook for 15-20 minutes. Boiled carp are placed on a dish, pour sauce, sour cream, sprinkle with chopped dill and garnish slices of cooked minced fish (relatively). Carp 150, with respect to 100, cream sauce 75, dill. Telnov Boiled. Tive is called in Russian cuisine minced fish. Mentioned with respect to this value even in manuscripts 16-17 centuries. For its preparation malokostistuyu1 fish (perch, a fish-captain, catfish, pike, burbot, cod, salmon, etc.) are cleaned, washed, cut lengthwise into two halves, then each half cut the bone, put the resulting fillets skin side down on a cutting board and cut the flesh. The flesh of fish mince with garlic, add bread soaked in milk, salt, pepper, egg, melted butter and a good . From this mass of (relatively) make a loaf of 5-6 cm thick, wrapped it in a napkin (or cellophane, greased), tied up with twine, put on grill fish boiler, pour in broth and cook about 30-40 minutes. Loaf cool in the broth, deploy, cut into circles, warm them in the broth and served as a separate...

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