Bald Maybe Beautiful Afterall Men who show signs of baldness before age 30 may have less chance of developing prostate cancer, according to a study at the School of Medicine, University of Washington in the United States, and published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology. Between the 2 thousand men that were studied, cancer incidence was 45% lower. The researchers studied 2 thousand men between 40 and 47 years of age and noted an apparent link between high levels of the male hormone testosterone - as men who become bald early - and a lower risk of having the disease. Half of the men who participated in the study suffered from prostate cancer. The researchers compared the incidence of tumors among those who said they had begun to lose hair before age 30 and those who reported having experienced falls. Those who began to be bald by the 30 had a risk between 29% and 45% lower risk of prostate cancer. The researchers believe that between 25% and 30% of men show signs of baldness by the age of 30. Half the men have suffered significant hair loss up to 50 years of age. Baldness occurs when hair follicles are exposed to a very large amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a substance produced by testosterone. Experts believe that men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to lose hair, especially if there are cases of baldness in the family. It's common for patients with prostate cancer do therapy to reduce testosterone levels because the hormone can accelerate the growth of some tumors, as they appear. But this study suggests that high levels of testosterone at a young age may actually protect against the disease. "Clearly, the age at which a man begins to lose hair is unfortunately (indicator) a risk factor for prostate cancer...
A Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dinner, namely that of a dinner for two at the holiday requires a special table setting. Tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, crockery, serving dishes, flowers - all in harmony must not only with each other, but also with the interior space under the top cloth is better to lay flannel or other thick fabric (tablecloth lies evenly, tap cymbals and instruments will soften.) If you want to set the table in traditional style, the better just take a festive tablecloth white or any pastel shade. Wipes, which are attached to each instrument should emphasize design table with a tablecloth on harmonizing color and material. The same napkin color as the cloth will look better if their stuff will be slightly thinner than that of the tablecloth. If the tissue is slightly different in tone from the tablecloth, the material may be the same. Look nice ring to napkins. At the same time, they eliminate the need to spend time folding napkins for a special. As the rings can be, showing imagination, and to use objects at all, it would seem, for it is not intended: bracelets, string of beads, decorative curtain rings, knotted grass, strips of cloth and leather, etc. In some cases, the table setting can be supplemented with suitable cloth napkins desktop. They look very beautiful. These wipes are sold a variety of colors and shapes, from a variety of materials: linen, burlap, lace, precious wood, paper, etc. If you want to make a table more unusual, try to make such tissue from non-traditional materials, such as gift wrapping paper, sheets of colored calendars, pieces of skin, fans and things like that.

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