A Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dinner, namely that of a dinner for two at the holiday requires a special table setting. Tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, crockery, serving dishes, flowers - all in harmony must not only with each other, but also with the interior space under the top cloth is better to lay flannel or other thick fabric (tablecloth lies evenly, tap cymbals and instruments will soften.) If you want to set the table in traditional style, the better just take a festive tablecloth white or any pastel shade. Wipes, which are attached to each instrument should emphasize design table with a tablecloth on harmonizing color and material. The same napkin color as the cloth will look better if their stuff will be slightly thinner than that of the tablecloth. If the tissue is slightly different in tone from the tablecloth, the material may be the same. Look nice ring to napkins. At the same time, they eliminate the need to spend time folding napkins for a special. As the rings can be, showing imagination, and to use objects at all, it would seem, for it is not intended: bracelets, string of beads, decorative curtain rings, knotted grass, strips of cloth and leather, etc. In some cases, the table setting can be supplemented with suitable cloth napkins desktop. They look very beautiful. These wipes are sold a variety of colors and shapes, from a variety of materials: linen, burlap, lace, precious wood, paper, etc. If you want to make a table more unusual, try to make such tissue from non-traditional materials, such as gift wrapping paper, sheets of colored calendars, pieces of skin, fans and things like that.
Setskogo Cake Why palace "Heel"? Well, you are also warned that the reader "Maskina" need to get a grasp and ponder the depth of meaning. But even more interesting is that in Ukrainian language The famous cruiser named "Gavrora. Indeed, in Ukrainian "glutton" (merry find Boris Krieger) - is ". As you can see, a translator (or is it writer?) And here picked up with relish mot. I can imagine how difficult it is was to find an adequate translation of the Danish, Bratsk, Setskogo Cake But the interpreter well deal with it. Although the above mentioned, that the author and translator fool around, but really - imagine what a great job was performed by Oksana Humeniuk for translation "Maskina on movu. But as it became known that Maskin has spoken in several European languages and even in Chinese and to shift the game of words in different languages - oh! Well work! And, of course, not only translators, but in the first place - the author himself. But such "" from Boris Krieger: "This could undermine the reputation of the United prostration, in which the country belongs, and thereby disrupt the stability of global instability, what would I, as you know, would not, because as a break, then look for yourself again another Globe "I think the readers also do not want to look for another globe. So let's better global instability remains stable. Insert-"talk" directly to the author with the reader, especially with the reader who reads Maskina "at work" - is generally a charm! "I'm a racist? None.

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