Follow Energy It never hurts to have a bit of logic in a decision. Shari can write the pros and cons of moving with her husband and see what he said. Then you can make a logical choice. 2. Go to the inside How does it feel? What makes you feel the make or not something? Often your body knows how to make the best decision. Hear what you say. If your body is energized and excited, chances are that your decision is "yes!" If is "yes" your body will feel heavy. Like when you say "ugh." Sometimes it means saying no to an invitation wonderful because you are not willing to go. If you go against what your body tells you because you feel you "should" do what someone else wants to avoid hurting their feelings, do not. Get over it. (NOTE: The other person is going to be okay. I promise!) If you feel that it is not a good decision to do something, accept it and say "No" - no matter what others think. 3. Follow Energy When logic and emotions collide and your decision is not so clear, then follows the energy. If you're having trouble sleeping, eating or concentrating, there is something there that wants to say something. Pay attention and listen to your intuition. Sometimes your body nullifies the logic and feelings to tell you just what you need! If your decision is a clear "yes" or a clear "no" could mean you do not have enough information. If Shari wants to take the risk and move in with her man, an idea for her use your logic is that asking him to tell his long-term plans. Could negotiate a commitment or a promise ring to feel more comfortable before you move. You should also check...

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