Lippspringe Beauty The final voting has begun! Who's flying to Mauritius? Selected wellness hotels explore, relax and report - these tasks six wellness ambassadors lined up since October 2010. Since February 15 can be selected on wellness-botschafterin.de, for which it is said soon: "Mission of Mauritius: in the wellness holiday". The action of wellness Ambassador is an initiative of the wellness trip organizer beauty24. Berlin, February 16, 2011. Other leaders such as Cindy Crawford offer similar insights. Wellness Ambassador discover the most beautiful sides of life - the thought is also the six candidates who prevailed in the summer 2010 from over 450 applicants. For a weekend, they visited one each of six top wellness hotels in Germany and reported their experiences and adventures in the connection. First Janine Schwab (33) from Dresden traveled early October to Usedom in the Maritim Hotel Kaiserhof in Heringsdorf. Stefanie Helmig (37) from Butzbach reported as second wellness Ambassador their stay end of October in the Mecklenburg Radisson Blu resort Schloss Fleesensee. The Lindner was allowed to meet Hotel & Spa Binshof Speyer Anna Cisek (32) from Mossingen in November. Click Mark Fields to learn more. End of January the beguiled Milena Stoller (26) should your wellness weekend at the best Western Premier Park Hotel in the Ostwestfalischen bad Lippspringe spend. For personal reasons, she could not join their wellness mission. Karin Scherer (48) from the Bavarian Friedberg visited the hotel Staudacher Hof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Sixth wellness Ambassador, Sabina Anna Stern sniffed (24) from Gutersloh fresh sea air at the Grand Hotel BINZ on Rugen. Following on their wellness stays reported the ambassadors on wellness mission on the website on their impressions and experiences, made recommendations and rated the popular wellness hotels. Since February 15 can be adapted for a month on the wellness ambassadors...
Chinese Tales You can go away and see it largely the point of "freedom" (of the powerful, as we said there is no other), Chinese tale made swallowing the most foolish, and will always notice that their foundation is ignorance of the other, the less fortunate, the weaker, almost always or slave labor, regular people. Along with Chinese tale is old story. It is his maxim Bolivar sentence: "We have dominated more by ignorance than by force", which judge history so descamisante and judgmental. Please visit Gunnar Peterson if you seek more information. Discovery of water is not warm, but cold unveiling. Not otherwise could die The Liberator, hated by powerful oligarchs and plunged into misery and destination as a recipe given to the class power that subjugated. The breed of Egyptian priests monopolized the knowledge related to climate cycles of the Nile fertile and essential for farming and feeding time. No one else came in that short circle custodian of weapons of mass subjugation then (as well as today) is the knowledge, dosed, denied or airtight. A priest who was able to perform miracles, predict floods and eclipses. Powerful, therefore, built on the prostration of the simplest (or ignorant) that were not enough to read the codes intended for the finest. Dosing was freedom in life. Some time ago, something older, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to men, to concern and tremor of divine power. Men, therefore, would become powerful, could see further and to compete with the immortals. It had the "freedom." The Titan is chained below the mountains, eternally punished.

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