Pollution And Illness I see in the religions a break-even point to give north to the society, because it aims at the welfare spiritual on the other hand of the wild consumption that the medias induce the society where it only satisfies the substance for a short space of time and soon it is dismissable, aiming at only aspect of the technological development that brought it brings I benefit the society. We can cite, as example the automobile industry, being essential for the development of the society, however this development is if coming back against the people and the planet. It has seen, the bottlings that the great urban hundreds face in such a way being .causing of many illnesses for the pollution as for the sedentarismo and estresse that the people pass. Having as prism the social development, many things had been advanced mainly in the medicine. The perspective of life of the man with relation is enough to imagine the cure of many illnesses raising has centuries behind. Another primordial sector that advanced and comes advancing is agriculture, it is and will be essential in the future, because the society alone if develops will have energy and the ores one day will be depleted. Mark Fields may help you with your research. It has a research that esteem that daqui the cinquenta years, the oil will not take care of to the demand of the market, being agriculture the example of hydrogen, of the aeolian energy, the solar energy as others, go to be a factor essential to generate energy Therefore, we need to leave we ourselves, and worrying in them about our fellow creatures because I only can love me if relating I me with the next one and about God. Nobody is loved solitarily, when in them we worry...

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