Moscow City Psychological Center However, they have bought my daughter useful, according to them, 'Monopoly' and Barbie are not bought, and she, a woman, still almost tearfully remembers about it. Svetlana, mother 8-year-old boy: Our 'technical' father to the spirit can not tolerate Chinese cars - helicopters and planes - because of their disproportionate. He believes that with these toys from the boy creates a misconception about design in general. 'This aircraft will not fly, it's ugly! " - So says his son dad. Every second toy Health hazard according to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, only the first half of 2005 from the audited 163,000 of games and toys removed from 54,9% in connection with excess valid index of toxicity, formaldehyde, phenol, and the sound level, etc. Major violations identified during inspections: the lack of information about the manufacturer and consumer labeling in Russian language, supporting documents confirming the quality and safety. The specialists of the territorial offices of the Federal Service in 2694 imposed a penalty amounting to about 3 million rubles. Yelena Smirnova, Head of Center for games and toys: "There were dolls with 'brutal' facial expression 'Training Centre of toys and games at the Moscow City Psychological-Pedagogical University - the only place where they are engaged psychological and pedagogical expertise. About what toys harmful and which beneficial, says director of the Center Doctor of Psychology Elena Smirnova. Elena Smirnova: Select Toys - the responsible thing: it is it defines the nature of the game.
What Helps Anxiety And Panic Attacks - Against Fear? What helps against fear what helps against fear against fear a surprisingly high percentage of people suffering from what helps an anxiety disorder in which either due to certain triggers or occur too all nonspecific strong fears that are absolutely not appropriate to the situation and assume a wrong assessment. The stricken patients but do not know what they can do against fear and an efficient and effective anxiety treatment would look like. To swallow pills for years and go to the psychotherapists, without that they could completely lose their fear and consider themselves as cured. Psychotherapy for anxiety: the sensory overload that offers psychotherapy various therapy models a fear treatment to, the effect of which is doubted again and again but in the long term. The model of sensory overload has exposed the patient to many fear occupied incentives and forced him not to leave this situation. So you wanted to reach, that the patient is experiencing, that he can withstand an anxiety attack, this is quickly over, and thus the fear was unfounded. This treatment was sometimes like a nightmare for the patient, has can align against fear not much and is only for ethical reasons or rarely used the systematic desensitization as a method of fear of systematic desensitization treatment to the patient is suspended, a fear situation can each time a little longer to endure it to get, that you hold a fear and an occupied negative stimulus is also not always something, before you must feel fear. The successes are moderate, since the cause of excessive fear Yes is not eliminated. So it can happen that although an anxiety disorder will disappear, but a new is developed on a different topic. The cognitive behavior therapies because it assumes that the patients have a distorted perception...

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