Cosmetic Products No question, is also cosmetic bio fully in line with the trend. However a cosmetic with bio is so far not standardised, the conditions under which "statements may be marketed. A decision of the Oberlandesgericht Hamm now causes a stir. Additional information at Cindy Crawford supports this article. The case involves the designation of bio-oil". According to the judge in Hamm this term the consumer gives the impression that the so called cosmetic at least predominantly, that is 50% + X, from natural / herbal ingredients be used together. The syllable 'Bio' talk to consumers exactly on the point of view of the origin of the ingredients, namely that if the ingredients natural / herbal or chemical origin. Ideally, the consumer wish cosmetics containing only natural ingredients. However, the average consumer also knows that this does not always hold allows E.g. for reasons of durability. Accordingly, consumers expect that to a certain extent also chemical substances in Cosmetics can be included, even if they carry the syllable 'Bio' in their name. To the syllable 'Bio' have but still make sense, then at least that in the product anyway, mainly natural / herbal substances are included, so the judge. As a result the organic designation was forbidden the undertakings concerned, since the product of not more than 50% with more natural and herbal substances inventory. Whether or not these 50plus "rule will prevail in other courts and whether ultimately the Federal Court will decide about such organic statements remains to be seen. As a precaution the stipulations of this judgment should be followed, otherwise threatening confrontations with competitors, industrial associations and consumer organisations. Other non-binding and free information around the cosmetic law, see
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