Louis Widmer Cosmetics The survey 'Nourishing cosmetics 2010' certified top marks in terms of product quality and service of Rheinfelden, March 2011 Louis Widmer is the best nourishing cosmetics manufacturer"2010. "That resulted in a recent survey of industry service market internally" at Germany's pharmacists. On reason of excellent product quality and-vertraglichkeit, as well as the numerous services for pharmacists, Louis Widmer, Swiss producer of dermatological skin care preparations, could prevail against a total of 15 competitors. "The interrogation of nourishing cosmetics" is by market internally "conducted regularly under German pharmacists. This involves not only quality and compatibility of products, there is also the service for the pharmacist on the test bench. In both areas, Louis Widmer received particular training in the this year's poll top marks, sales AIDS and the individual field service support retailers. The result: 1st place among 16 cosmetics manufacturers in Germany's pharmacies. Christian "" Lengling, Managing Director Louis Widmer Germany, received the award of markt intern ": we are proud that our resellers are so pleased with us", Lengling is pleased. The success of this survey will further enhance the reputation of Louis Widmer and is a beautiful gift to the 50th anniversary for us." Lengling next: close cooperation with the pharmacies is very important for us since time immemorial. We will work by Louis Widmer also continue every day to inspire our customers with training, samples and promotions."
SOAP Sea Quickly and easily: Online shopping department store frenzy Berlin, 04.12.2012. Christmas is fast approaching. As every year the question arises: what give I my loved one? Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family, partner to each must be thought. Time pressure, crowded stores, lack of ideas for some of the pre-Christmas period is pure stress. But consider a few simple things, can reduce Christmas stress to a minimum. 3 Things that make the Christmas shopping: 1 early music festival approaches, the time pressure is greater. Far too often we buy Christmas gifts only on the last minute. The solution is quite simple: If you buy early, has less stress. 2 More and more people buy their Christmas gifts now online online shopping. No wonder: Department store crowds and hours strolling thing of the past. Also get much cheaper than in the stores many products today on the Web. 3. All in one gift sets Who chooses the same for a gift set from an online shop must not laboriously put together the gifts in different shops. There are creative and lovingly assembled gift sets for women but also for men, for example, when Premier dead sea (www.mypremierdeadsea.com). The high-quality natural cosmetics products offer best ingredients with minerals from the dead sea for the body and soul. Especially popular: nail sets for a stimulating beauty treatment of the nails, the soaps-trio set with three different mineral SOAP to restore the natural pH, the body trio set from mineral body salt, natural body butter and luxury hand lotion to the regulation of moisture content of skin, as well as premium facial lifting set. And the best: the sets start already at pre-Christmas 22,00 EURO per set. For more information, cosmetics/sets / on premier Dead Sea Premier cosmetics laboratories are a leading manufacturer of high-quality dead...

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