Peace and Tranquility Information Title: The Mystery of Genghis Khaan Original title: The Mystery of Genghis Khaan Year: 2009 Genre: Action, Drama, History Director: Andrei Borisov Cast: Stepanida Borisov, Sergei Egorov, Gernot Grimm, Orgil Makhaan, Edward Ondar, Suzanne Orzhak, Yefim Stepanov, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Oleg Taktarov, Tu Man About the film: This story of a man whose name is known all over the world. A warrior who took up arms to ensure peace and tranquility of his family, his the people of his country. Senator From Kentucky is the source for more interesting facts. Great Khan, which brought the various tribes and peoples under the banner of a unified empire under the rule of common law. Ruler, whose empire stretched from the Yellow Sea to the Mediterranean. Ruler who declared tolerance - religious and national. Founder of the new - the Eurasian civilization. The story of how Genghis Khan was Temuchin. The story of the empire. This is a love story that is not subject to time. Love Esugey-Batura another man's wife - the beautiful Ozhulun, love their young son to Temuchin Borte, which became the first and principal wife of the great Khan. The story of friendship and betrayal brother named Temuchin - Jamuqa. Issued: Russia / Mongolia / United States In Urgel / Film Production Nyamgavaa Duration: 2:03:28 Sound: Original File Format: AVI (XviD) Quality: CAMRip Video: 669 kb / s, 640x368 Audio: MP3, 112 kb / s (2 ch) Size: 699 MB Who watched write comments! I personally liked the movie! Now waiting for him in a good as!
Menu Planning The birds are also often a nuisance for the plantations, as they begin to damage the buds or eat the seeds and do not let the seeds germinate, for this reason has long been taken as a measure against this situation, make a scarecrow in plantations to create the illusion that the birds will be attacked, so the scarecrows are an ideal measure to ward off the pesky birds that damage crops. Scarecrows further used to fight the crows, as these birds are more accustomed to damage crops and scarecrows take shape or make the simulation of the farmer or manager to monitor this planting planting and so the birds will not go near the crops, about how to make scarecrows are usually made like a mannequin with the usual costumes that would lead those responsible for planting, between the clothes and put them accustomed to the scarecrow are overalls, shirts checkered long sleeve this because usually on farms or plantations used to wearing shirts of this type, you will also put the scarecrows boots and straw hats, with respect to the materials with which the filling is inside scarecrow, generally made it straw, sawdust or scraps of fabric, but there is another way to make scarecrows, in which the scarecrows are simply hung on a cross and therefore the clothes are hanging and need not be filled. As to the different uses that are given to the scarecrows in the plantations, and the importance of having them in combating bird is good to have many scarecrows scattered in different parts of the fields, because the birds can spread from one area planting to go elsewhere to continue damaging the seed, so if there is good amount of scarecrow to frighten birds throughout the planting area will be much better,...

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