Cooperation The Agency for new media - Arno Balzer opens with Dr. Juchheim of cosmetics a new environment the cosmetics shop-integriert shop partner solution components are matched exactly to each other and be processed according to procedures without preservatives. The result: Sensational immediately effects, coupled with impressive long-term effect. The best part is that these effects can be used easily at home without expensive medical or professional cosmetic care. In short: beauty without a scalpel! Multiple puzzle pieces must meet so that something has a comprehensive"this conviction is based on the research and the entire range of Dr. Juchheim products. In his 30-year occupation, the busy doctor has used has always been on the connection of current technology with traditional healing from many countries. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cindy Crawford. So, he used the traditional Indian Ayurvedic doctrine long before she became widely known in the Western world. During his extensive travels through Africa, he could the traditional in desert areas Discover knowledge of herbalists inhabitants for is. Our science may have discovered and explored everything yet, but I'm sure: the nature offers everything that we humans need to heal us and to maintain. Therefore I fall back on my products, inter alia on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda." Cooperation means with Dr. Juchheim of cosmetics and the Agency for new media - Arno Balzer, that you can have completely free, how intensively to create a cooperation. There is no acceptance and sales commitments. Therefore, you can test whether a shop partnership is an asset to the company, the personal existence, or can be found in the customer circle of harmony cosmetics interested parties like his own personal space. On harmonie.juchheim karriere.de interested sales professionals or job seekers can find and build a new future-proof second pillar that is guaranteed...
Louis Widmer Cosmetics The survey 'Nourishing cosmetics 2010' certified top marks in terms of product quality and service of Rheinfelden, March 2011 Louis Widmer is the best nourishing cosmetics manufacturer"2010. "That resulted in a recent survey of industry service market internally" at Germany's pharmacists. On reason of excellent product quality and-vertraglichkeit, as well as the numerous services for pharmacists, Louis Widmer, Swiss producer of dermatological skin care preparations, could prevail against a total of 15 competitors. "The interrogation of nourishing cosmetics" is by market internally "conducted regularly under German pharmacists. This involves not only quality and compatibility of products, there is also the service for the pharmacist on the test bench. In both areas, Louis Widmer received particular training in the this year's poll top marks, sales AIDS and the individual field service support retailers. The result: 1st place among 16 cosmetics manufacturers in Germany's pharmacies. Christian "" Lengling, Managing Director Louis Widmer Germany, received the award of markt intern ": we are proud that our resellers are so pleased with us", Lengling is pleased. The success of this survey will further enhance the reputation of Louis Widmer and is a beautiful gift to the 50th anniversary for us." Lengling next: close cooperation with the pharmacies is very important for us since time immemorial. We will work by Louis Widmer also continue every day to inspire our customers with training, samples and promotions."

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