Beyond The Industry Norm Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG in Delligsen Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG (www.bornemann.de) in Delligsen specializes as a global provider of custom manufacturing of special threads and small batch sizes. Now, the company in the area of conveyor technology has produced a hitherto unique custom made and delivered. The over 22 metres long spindle made of aluminium with a diameter of 200 millimetres consists of multiple segments and was delivered to a globally active company. The individualization of threads is our strength, and we have demonstrated once again that in this project,"says Moritz von Soden, Director of sales at the Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG. Any spanbare material, such as the aluminum used in this case because of the weight savings, is processed with specially made tools at Bornemann thread technology. So, it is possible to produce threads of all kinds including the final application-related end machining and surface finishing. This Thread represents an absolute special solution in this area and underlines our strong customer focus"confirms von Soden. The varying pitch for use as a steering shaft in the conveyor system allows for different speeds of the driver running on the spindle. Thanks to in-depth knowledge in manufacturing at Bornemann, a frequently-to-true drawback will be excluded from threads with varying pitch. A varying pitch usually automatically brings a distorted edge with it. A roller that would run with the thread gauge, would be therefore not always in equal measure on the flank, but we can make constant flank angles despite varying pitch,"explains Moritz von Soden. The know-how built up over decades Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG (www.bornemann.de) enables special thread depth, shape and-steigung as well as the flank angle. Thread lengths of 20 meters are possible, as variable thread pitches are made....
Skin Type Beauty Normal Skin Type Normal skin is soft, fine textured, soft and flexible. If you are lucky enough to possess this skin type, the treasure is by using light and mild cleansing lotions and tonics and refreshing. Dry skin types Dry skin is usually thin and delicate and often flaky and prone to fine lines. Sometimes it feels tighter than it should. Extremely rich cream and fat are not good for him, to strangle the pores, often extending them and create an additional problem. Use light oils and lotions for moisturizing and choose herbal toners, which are mild and not too astringent. Try to restore the pH or acid-alkaline balance of the application of such things as cucumber juice or diluted vinegar so that the sebaceous glands are encouraged to function. In general, emollient and hydrating herbs (chamomile, comfrey, cowslip, elder flower, fennel, marshmallow, orange blossom, rose, violet) are best to use creams and toners for dry skin. But there is no fixed rule. Astringent herbs can be good for dry skin, for example, if blended with emollient herbs or oils and gels, and many herbs are suitable for all skin types. If the skin is sensitive and dry, see the notes on the sensitive skin below. Oily Skin Type Oily skin is shiny and thick in texture, often with large pores. That is prone to blackheads and blemishes. Do not use alcohol to reduce skin oil as it will only worsen the problem. Many herbal toners are used to reduce fat and tighten the pores (see list of suitable herbs below).

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