Planned Lower Saxony Rather, you use Municipalities on the consolidation functionality of your ERP system or special solutions for the overall financial statements. Welcome to the Organizer: local authorities, who were already present a finished overall conclusion, had the solution LucNet.Kommunal in use. In the second part of the event, Sascha Scholten, senior introduced consultant of LucNet AG, a brief case study of the overall preparation of the statements. This consolidation and reporting has been mainly on the themes of process definition, data transfer of the separate financial statements of. "At the end of the event was due to by testimonials from the participants clearly, that software is a necessary support in the preparation of the overall financial statements, but at the end of counts one thing above all: a successful collaboration between different people and characters, which ultimately must pull together, so the project overall financial statements" is a success. In the autumn of this year are more events for the Federal States of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Planned Lower Saxony, Germany. You can find the dates starting in July under construction - total completion. To the company, the LucNet AG develops software since 1999 for consolidation, planning, analysis and reporting. Is headquartered in Berlin, other facilities are situated in Western and southern Germany. International is the company of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine and China. Software includes the following products: LucNet.Kommunal the software for the creation of total accounts LucNet.World the software for legal consolidation and group controlling LucNet.Enterprise the professional solution for planning and controlling LucNet.one the entry-level solution in planning and controlling LucNet.Equity which is software for investment controlling the software portfolio supplemented by expert advice and training to the LucNet products.
Beyond The Industry Norm Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG in Delligsen Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG (www.bornemann.de) in Delligsen specializes as a global provider of custom manufacturing of special threads and small batch sizes. Now, the company in the area of conveyor technology has produced a hitherto unique custom made and delivered. The over 22 metres long spindle made of aluminium with a diameter of 200 millimetres consists of multiple segments and was delivered to a globally active company. The individualization of threads is our strength, and we have demonstrated once again that in this project,"says Moritz von Soden, Director of sales at the Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG. Any spanbare material, such as the aluminum used in this case because of the weight savings, is processed with specially made tools at Bornemann thread technology. So, it is possible to produce threads of all kinds including the final application-related end machining and surface finishing. This Thread represents an absolute special solution in this area and underlines our strong customer focus"confirms von Soden. The varying pitch for use as a steering shaft in the conveyor system allows for different speeds of the driver running on the spindle. Thanks to in-depth knowledge in manufacturing at Bornemann, a frequently-to-true drawback will be excluded from threads with varying pitch. A varying pitch usually automatically brings a distorted edge with it. A roller that would run with the thread gauge, would be therefore not always in equal measure on the flank, but we can make constant flank angles despite varying pitch,"explains Moritz von Soden. The know-how built up over decades Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & Co KG (www.bornemann.de) enables special thread depth, shape and-steigung as well as the flank angle. Thread lengths of 20 meters are possible, as variable thread pitches are made....

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