Fresh Cosmetics New invention makes fresh organic lotion from the shower head rain shower is still a pleasure: in the morning she awakens one's spirits and makes you fit for the day - in the evening she forget with their pleasant wet the efforts of the day one. But this enjoyment will be tarnished greatly, if at the end of pleasure the skin rough and is dried out. Dry skin will no longer exist after showering in future", Hartmut Wolf from the Bavaria waging am see promises now. His latest invention, the Elixator", mixing natural oils in the shower water at your fingertips and is intended to prevent that dry out the skin. Careful applying moisturizer after showering is thus unnecessary. But how come because the oil in the shower water? The technical highlight of the Elixators is the patented Vortex Chamber", explains the inventor. This ensures that the device turbulence, which absorbs the oil and swirling with the shower water". Determined but consumed a large amount of oil! No, on the contrary through the swirling, the oil is very finely mixed with the water, therefore, the amount of oil is very low"Wolf responds. "Also vitalizes the clockwise swirl shower water, is convinced the inventor: da spinal research and experience with the recovery of water involved over 20 years". Particularly allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin can be happy about the new technology: since the organic lotion that is freshly generated by the Elixator immediately comes to the skin, she need no preservatives or emulsifiers. These are the most problematic substances in many skin care products"emphasized Wolf. In addition: all shower oils offered for the Elixator are with the strict ' nature bio cosmetic '-label certified. There are these oils in four different scents from sensual to energizing. "Of course but...
Edible Oils In Cosmetics As edible oils protect against unhealthy sunlight edible oils are becoming increasingly popular and can be applied in many ways. The different effects of the individual products is used not only in the kitchen but also for cosmetic applications, creams and co. are replaced by high-quality edible oils. Now also the summer we go and our skin needs special care. You should also is defense against harmful UV rays to set which can age the skin and can even lead to skin cancer. Oils not only protect, but slightly accelerate the tanning process. The application of edible oils in summer sunbathing is particularly good. Because they themselves have a light UV-protection, they can be used as sunscreen replacement. In addition, they maintain the skin velvety and does not clog the pores. Special sun protection oils are coconut oil, sesame oil and hemp oil. To learn how exactly the individual oils have, on Speiseoele.NET. They must not as a high-quality Cosmetics are declared, but can also be conventional oil will be bought. Edible oils have a sun protection factor (SPF) of approximately 4. Because the skin's own protection time varies depending on the skin type, you should plan not to long sun exposure especially for lighter skin types. This can cause painful sunburn. Oils can also help in regeneration. But the inflammation of the skin should subside until something. By the oil not heat penetrates namely outwards and the body overheats. Especially inflamed skin reacts to foreign bodies particularly irritated. Oils are based and therefore gentle to irritated skin.

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